Our services are not simply limited to manufacturing your products, but actually begin with support during their development. We offer you our many years of experience in the processing of plastics in order to work with you to develop a product that serves the required application and satisfies the quality requirements of both partners. In the process, we utilise our production know-how and combine it with the development support provided through our competent supplier network.

Special Equipment

Production of your products requires the use of special tools, fixtures and jigs. We have appropriate solutions in this area, too.

This equipment is maintained by our Toolmaking/Tool Maintenance department.

Project Management

Our expert team of back-office and field staff will accompany you throughout the entire product life cycle of your projects. Right from the very start of your projects, we deploy contemporary management tools that help us to provide you with professional project management and follow our joint projects through to their successful conclusion.

“For it’s important to us that we gain your trust for future projects as well.”


The procurement process is taking on an ever more important role at Borscheid + Wenig. Only if we have a fully operational and competent supplier network will we be able to satisfy our customers’ demands regarding the security of supply and meeting of delivery deadlines, meet the quality requirements set and operate with an effective cost structure.

Data communication/EDI
We take care of the digital exchange of all delivery documents in accordance with customer specifications and following prior consultation and agreement in particular cases.

Planning/management of empties
All packing materials are planned specific to the customer and products, so that the efficiently manufactured products can be packed in the specified customer packaging. Separate accounts are kept of all packing materials and regularly verified and coordinated with the customer or the respective consumer (all container movements, such as incoming and outgoing goods, are recorded).

Transport planning
Based on customer orders (delivery requests) received, the deliveries to our consumers/customers are planned in advance and the cargo volume registered/reserved so that the goods can be loaded precisely on the right day and delivered to the customer (longer transport times are also taken into account in advance).

Organising shipment
Based on customer orders (delivery requests) received, the goods are pre-picked from the warehouse and labelled in accordance with the customer’s wishes. In addition, all delivery documents are compiled and the goods are made available and loaded on schedule.

Customer support from A to Z
Our contacts in Logistics (the shipping department) are organised according to customers and are available to answer any questions. Having daily contact with our customers is a matter of course for us. Even in the event of an emergency, i.e. outside normal office hours, you can reach us by means of an emergency hotline.

Logistics planning
Our Logistics department works very closely in-house with our project managers, so that all logistical matters concerned with future new orders/projects can be planned well in advance.

Packaging planning
Our Logistics department helps (if necessary) customers choose their packaging. If necessary, sample packagings are made up and made available to the customer for examination and release. Any quality specifications laid down by the customer are also taken into account.

Long-standing cooperation with logistics providers/companies
In addition to our own know-how, we are able to draw on the expertise of experienced and renowned freight forwarders – both regional partners and national service providers – who support us in our day-to-day work in all matters related to logistics.