Injection Moulding

  • Processing of thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers
  • Manufacture of technical injection mouldings using the 1- and 2-component systems
  • Machine capacities for 1-component systems from 35–1,500 t clamping force and unit weights of up to max. 5,200 g Machine capacities for 2-component systems from 110–800 t clamping force and unit weights of up to max. 1,800 g
  • With the 2-component system, we can choose between a rotary-table system, a rotating system and “drawing of an element”
  • All injection moulding machines are equipped with handling systems (linear or six-axis robots)
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Foam-sealing systems

  • Processing of polyurethane foam.
  • Application of foam-sealing systems by means of CNC metering robots (freely applied foam seals are applied to plastic parts).


  • Plastic semi-finished products and component parts are joined together by means of different welding processes or are an additional (necessary) work step for the creation of further value added
  • The following processes can be used for joining:
    1. Heated-tool welding
    2. Infrared welding
    3. Ultrasonic welding
    4. Vibration welding

Appropriate systems/machines are available for all of the above-mentioned processes.


  • Plastic components can be printed using the pad printing process, either “online” (fully integrated into the injection moulding process) or separate from the injection moulding process
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Compression Moulding, Combined Punching and Embossing

  • Processing of all non-metallic materials, such as foam rubber, polyethylene foam, polypropylene foam, various polyurethane foams

  • Manufacture of punched parts, cuttings, at customer’s request, also with additional finishing or assembled with laminations, self-adhesive film, aluminium foil, PU skin, heat-activated film applied either on one or both sides

  • Manufacture using various punching machines, automatic laminating and gluing machines, horizontal and vertical cutting machines and water jet cutting system/s

  • Processing of PU foam or various non-wovens (also combined with one another)

  • Manufacture of mouldings using combined punching and embossing machines


  • Forming of polyethylene/polypropylene foam
  • Processing/manufacture of products on hot-embossing machines

Water Jet Cutting

  • Manufacture of any 2D contours from all non-metallic materials, such as foam rubber, polyether and polyester foam, polyethylene foam

Module Assembly

  • Assembly or complete assembly of several components (plastic parts with various component parts, such as elastomer mouldings, metal parts, foam mouldings, embossed mouldings, etc.) to form a complete module
  • The modules are assembled in our in-house fixture and toolmaking department using automatic assembly machines or devices and in accordance with the quality requirements